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5 energie body’s, meet the koshas

Yoga is more than just physical activity, it is a way of life and a philosophy. The koshas is what the ancient scriptures refer to as the 5 energy bodies that we are made up of. If you are familiar with yoga then you know that the body and mind are an energetic whole. The layers that are there I am going to explain below:

1ste layer

The 1st layer is our physical body, annamaya kosha- earth (anna=eat, food). This layer consists of your organs, bones and muscle tissue. It is where you process your feelings and emotions and feel your aches and pains. Taking good care of this body is important, we want to enjoy our lives and it is nicer when you are healthy and strong. This layer is influenced by what you eat and what your lifestyle choices are. By practicing yoga and cooking healthy meals you can bring more balance to it. Yoga, massage and our spiritual therapy also gives balance to this layer.

2nd layer

The 2nd layer is our energetic body, pranayama kosha -water(prana= life energy). This is an electromagnetic field that is up to about 6cm around your skin. This layer is regulated by the breath, chakras, and the nadis (these are the channels through which prana flows). The meridians also work in this layer and can be treated with battery points to balance this layer as well. The breath brings connection to the energetic body. Yin-Do classes, Pranayama and energy therapy brings balance to this layer.

3rd layer

The 3rd layer is our emotional and mental body, manomaya kosha – fire (mano= mind, heart and your spirit). This layer consists of your 5 senses, your mind, your emotions, your thoughts, your nervous system. This field comes up to about 45 cm from your skin. In many of us this layer is overstimulated by everything that keeps us busy. The 3rd layer rebalances you through meditation, mantra and yoga.

4th layer

The 4th layer is our intuitive and intellectual body, vijnanamaya kosha – air (vijana=understand). This layer works with the higher self, so not with everything imprinted as in the previous layer, this field goes up to 1 meter from your skin. This layer looks beyond what you have been taught and allows you to experience looking differently at what is happening, with calm and peaceful thoughts. Calming your mind is done by following meditation, mantra, yamas and niyamas.

5th layer

The 5th layer is our spiritual body, anandamaya kosha- ether ( ananda= bliss). This layer is about enlightenment (samadhi), our divine soul. This field is 106 cm outside your body. In this layer you are one with everything, here lies truth and there is no time and space.

All the layers are connected to each other, so if your physical layer has an injury, it causes unrest in all the other layers. An example is: you have a headache(1st layer); because of this you cannot breathe well or deeply enough(2nd layer). Then mentally you may not be able to think clearly(3rd layer) and you cannot help yourself in an intuitive and intellectual way(4th layer), nor can you experience that blissful feeling(5th layer).

Thanks to Christel who wrote this blog and Aatm yogashala for using this beautiful drawing. 

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