The silence of savasana

Yoga is about the balance between body and mind. Therefore it’s important to end your yoga session with a relaxing exercise. In yoga we call this Savasana, which means end relaxation. In savasana on the chair, you sit relaxed with your back resting on the chair and your hands relaxed in your lap.  During your yoga session, your body has worked hard. In savasana, it gets the opportunity to feel what letting go of tension, breathing consciously and moving with intention does to you. If you succeed in sitting a little longer, savasana becomes a form of meditation. And that in turn has a positive effect on our nervous system, memory and mood.

Free guided meditations

We have recorded two guided meditations especially for you. One is called “In the park” and the other “The beach”.

Time out to be kind to yourself is an essential part of self-care and you’ll be surprised what impact just 6 or 10 minutes away from your ‘normal world’ can have. We’re pleased to offer you this guided meditation free of charge to help you practice relaxation. Proactively add some ‘you time’ to your day. Find a quiet space where you’re unlikely be disturbed and press play.

Our recommendation

We recommend you try listening to this meditation at least twice a week, or daily if you can. And if you really can’t find the time for this, we guarantee just once a week will have more impact than none at all.



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