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partner yoga on the chair and the mat

Practicing yoga is fun. But doing yoga together with your loved ones makes it extra special. In partner yoga you practice poses together that you would otherwise do alone. In this way you strengthen and support each other and get even more out of the posture. 

Partner yoga is also about giving, receiving and trust. One person may have more ability to move than the other. It could happen that you can go deeper into one pose and your partner can’t. In another posture it could be the other way around. 

It is therefore important to listen to your own body and to speak out honestly if something no longer feels good, or if there is room for more. Communication is key. 

One thing is certain: Partner yoga guarantees fun and strengthens the feeling of solidarity. Isn’t that what yoga is all about? With Chair Yoga World, you can even practice together on the mat and the chair. We selected two partner yoga poses for you to try, see below. But even more exciting is this FREE Chair Yoga Class for Two!

Adjusted Warrior 1

How to practice the Adjusted Warrior 1
  1. Face each other at arm’s length.

  2. Connect both hands with the other one’s hands.

  3. The person sitting down extends his left foot outward so that the left hip is turned out.

  4. The one standing extends his left leg backwards, foot 45 degrees. Right knee above the right ankle.

  5. Remain in this pose for five deepening breaths while looking each other in the left eye. Change legs. You can also extend the arms upward, making it slightly heavier. Give mutual pressure but keep each other balanced.


The upper body is given the opportunity to open and stretch. The legs and feet are strengthened.  

Partner Yoga with Chair Yoga World | Adjusted Warrior 1

Lateral bend

How to practice Lateral Bend

  1. Stand approximately an elbows length away from each other, side by side.
  2. Lift your outer arm. Inhale, extend. Exhale, bend towards each other.
  3. Place your palms against each other or create a heart gesture like in the picture.
  4. Stay here for five deepening breaths and gently come back out of the posture. The person standing walks to the other side.
  5. Repeat the exercise. Listen to your body and take into account each other’s space of movement.   


Stretch muscles side body, increase flexibility spine and rib cage, relieve pressure on organs.

Partner Yoga with Chair Yoga World | Lateral Bend

Do you want to practice yoga easily and without injuries? Or are you looking for an effective break from work? Check out the online Chair Yoga classes here

Paula Jap Tjong & Annelies Bakker
Paula Jap Tjong & Annelies Bakker

We are two Dutch yogis on a mission: bringing people together in the spirit of yoga. We create online Chair Yoga classes and a teacher training certification program accessible anywhere in the world.

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