Online Chair Yoga

Online Chair Yoga

Yoga classes to share with family, friends or colleagues

Do you want to practice yoga easily and without the risk of injury? Or are you looking for an effective break from work? Then ‘Chair Yoga Online’ is for you! We have recorded 10 classes that you can do at home or at work. Using 100 postures and sequences from the book ‘Chair Yoga with Paula!’, these online classes are for everyone. What makes them extra special is that Paula teaches all postures on the chair with Annelies beside her on the mat.

Our online classes unite the chair and mat yogis to enable them to enjoy the same class. Because Chair Yoga World is on a mission to bring people together in the spirit of yoga.

Online Chair Yoga

Classes for everyone!
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Yoga Classes

1:Loosen up, neck, shoulder and back relief                         

2: New energy and focus. Yoga at your desk                       

3:Start a good morning

4:You’re worth it!                           

5:Yoga for better sleep                                                                     

6:Create a moment of joy 

7:Increase courage                                                                           

8:Cultivate your patience

9:Boost your gratitude 

10:Respect yourself 

Bonus: Yoga for 2

Who will benefit from Online Chair Yoga?

Online Chair Yoga is ideal for anyone who wants to practice yoga in a chair at home or at work. The programme is also perfectly suited to yoga and exercise teachers or sports instructors looking for inspiration for their own classes. No yoga experience is necessary. There is a suitable yoga class for any time. You can practice alone or with others – all you need is a chair and a little time. Doing yoga regularly has many long-lasting benefits!

No subscription but a one-time fee of € 69 for the total package.

Order now and pay € 49 instead of € 69

Order Chair Yoga Online and enjoy many different classes.

  • Practice where and when you want.
  • Classes of 10, 20, 30, 45 and 60 minutes.
  • Lifelong access – watch as many times as you like.
  • Join the class on your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV.

Your Instructors

Paula Jap Tjong is a Dutch certified E-RYT yoga teacher and author of Chair Yoga with Paula and Yoga for people with dementia. She has trained hundreds of people to become yoga teachers and teaches yoga and meditation to many enthusiasts.

Paula Jap Tjong, co-director of Chair Yoga World


People with physical conditions are sometimes uncertain whether yoga is suitable for them. When practising the postures, it is important to know and respect your limits. For example, you may feel the effect while in a posture, but it should never hurt. Pain is a signal from the body that you have gone too far. Therefore, do each posture calmly and with awareness. Focus on feeling. It is important to remember that every movement contributes to a healthy body. If in doubt or if you experience pain, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

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