Need concentration? Practice Hakini mudra

Bit distracted and lacking inspiration for a chore? Hakini mudra gives you a helping hand. This mudra helps you improve your concentration and isn’t called the mudra of the mind for nothing. With Hakini mudra, you create a laser focus. This way you complete that task with ease anyway.

This mudra, named after the Hindu goddess Hakini is widely used in meditations. In Sanskrit, Hakini means “power” or “rule. Hakini mudra is used to improve thinking, focus and concentration. This mudra is associated with the third eye chakra, the energy point where your imagination and instinct lie.

Hakini mudra
This is how to do Hakini mudra
Bring your palms toward each other with a few inches apart. Bring the fingertips and thumbs of both hands together for light contact. Lift your hands to the level of the third eye chakra, in the middle of the forehead.

To enhance the benefits of this mudra, it is recommended that you lift the drishti (gaze) to the third eye. In addition, when inhaling through your nostrils, place your tongue against the palate and relax with each exhalation.

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