Chair Yoga more effective than music therapy

Dementia is a collective term for more than fifty diseases. One of the more well-known diseases is Alzheimer’s disease, which affects around 70% of all people with dementia. It affects thinking, memory, behaviour, and even physical motor skills. There is no cure for this disease. Symptoms can only be reduced, and this is even difficult given the progressive nature of the syndrome. Chair Yoga appears to be a powerful remedy.

Chair Yoga reduces complaints

Recent research has shown that Chair Yoga can contribute to the reduction of complaints in people with dementia. In addition, it appears that quality of life is improved. Chair Yoga is said to be even more effective than other forms of therapy, such as music therapy and other forms of exercise. The difference lies in the piece of mindfulness that (chair) yoga brings with it. Breathing techniques and meditation are effective remedies against depression. For example, it promotes sleep, relieves chronic headaches, and can reduce stress and anxiety. These are common symptoms in people with dementia.

A safe form of yoga

Chair yoga is the safest form of yoga. With the help of a chair, everyone can stretch, strengthen muscles and work on their flexibility; and do so without being afraid of falling. It is also a social activity to look forward to. Everyone participates at his or her own level and after class, a cup of tea can be shared together with others. This also contributes to a feeling of well-being and tranquillity.

Chair Yoga against dementia

Dementia is the fastest growing cause of death in the Netherlands. According to doctors and researchers, it has the highest disease burden for the patient. Dementia also has a major impact on loved ones and carers. The number of people with dementia is expected to double in the next 25 years; eventually to more than half a million. This also makes it the disease with the highest healthcare costs.

Different lessons

As long as there is no cure for dementia, it is very important that the quality of life remains as high as possible. On average, a person with the disease lives with it for eight years. If Chair Yoga can help to make these years less difficult, then we need to make an effort to bring it to more people.

With the book: ‘Yoga for people with dementia’, anyone with this beautiful target group can practice yoga. The book contains three detailed yoga lessons and a hand and forearm massage. Even if you have no yoga experience, you can create a moment of movement and relaxation with your father / mother / grandfather or grandmother with dementia.

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