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Chair Yoga with Paula

Book: Chair Yoga with Paula!

Are you looking for more relaxation in your life? Do you suffer from stiff muscles? Do you sit down for over six hours a day? Then Chair Yoga is the perfect way for you to stay fit, physically and mentally. Chair Yoga leads to a strong, flexible, and relaxed body and makes you feel good too. It stimulates blood circulation, dissolves blockages, and strengthens the immune system; to keep your body energetic and your mind calm.

Suitable for everyone, including the less mobile.
No fitness or flexibility required.
No need to get dressed. For anyone who wants to relax or recharge at work or exercise and relax at home.

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Book: Yoga for people with dementia

Exercise is healthy for everyone. It is extra important for people with dementia because it can slow down their decline. However, most caregivers have trouble getting this group to move. Chair Yoga has the solution, as you will find out in this book. It is easy to implement and can be practiced by almost anyone.

Chair Yoga has more benefits for elderly people with dementia than other forms of exercise, or even music therapy, according to recent research. Yoga does not only improve our physical wellbeing, but it also offers us a moment of calm and peace in the here and now. This mindfulness works wonders against depression, headaches, stress, and insomnia.

This book was written for exercise professionals who work with the elderly and for caregivers who want to safely exercise and relax with their loved ones. Paula Jap Tjong clearly demonstrates how to teach yoga in a way that fits the needs and capabilities of people with dementia.

YOGA for people with dementia

About the author Paula Jap Tjong

Paula Jap Tjong is the founder of the Chair Yoga knowledge platform and She invites people to keep moving and relaxing regularly, a must for wellbeing and vitality. Paula Jap Tjong facilitates exercise and relaxation programmes for individuals, companies, and healthcare services. She has written two chair yoga books and trained more than 2000 people as chair yoga teachers.


What Our Yogis Say

"I would like to thank you for this beautiful book. It is clearly written with beautiful photos. I ordered the online lesson package and now I take a lesson on my computer every morning. I've been working on it for two months now and it's a lot smoother".
"What a complete book! I was looking for more relaxation and exercise during work and I have found that now. Got my colleagues at the chair yoga now too".