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Chair Yoga World is the global platform for chair yoga enthusiasts and teachers. Annelies Bakker and Paula Jap Tjong invite you to join in their mission to bring people together in the spirit of yoga. 

Chair Yoga World is committed to improving the well-being and vitality of its whole community by moving and relaxing regularly. We offer unique online yoga classes for all ages and abilities, from children to adults, people in care institutions or those recovering from injuries. By joining a class you’ll feel positive, calm, grounded and present. Practice at your desk, in your living room, in a wheelchair or outside. Share your videos with others and have your partner, friends or family join in. Chair yoga is for everyone. 

What are the benefits of Chair Yoga?

Physical and mental fitness result in a more enjoyable life. That is a simple truth. But periods of increased stress or physical limitations often leads to imbalance. Chair yoga is the solution to a wide range of challenges. Become relaxed, energised and revitalised by releasing tension from your body and mind. Join our inspiring online chair yoga classes and experience a genuine improvement in your wellbeing.

Chair Yoga

Our Mission

We are on a mission to bring people together in the spirit of yoga, no matter what their age or ability. Our accessible and inclusive programmes are designed to be practiced anywhere, in a chair. We believe in the healing properties that yoga offers and have experienced these first hand. Conventional yoga is beyond the reach of many but chair yoga facilitates health and vitality for everyone. We aim to bring chair yoga to as many people as possible. Chair Yoga Teacher Training is an inspiring offer to yoga teachers everywhere. Join our goal to spread chair yoga to all corners of the globe. Celebrate different styles and traditions and widen your audience with inclusive and motivational practices. By dedicating one hour per week to a chair yoga class, you could make a difference to those in care institutions or retirement communities.
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Paula Jap Tjong

Paula started practicing yoga for its healing properties. She sadly lost her sister at a young age. This caused a lot of anger and grief which manifested in unreleased stress. Like 73% of yoga enthusiasts worldwide, she started practicing yoga to relieve stress. Through yoga she learned to be vulnerable, express her feelings and set boundaries.

Since Paula suffers from fibromyalgia, some poses were too intensive to achieve on the mat. Her desire to keep her body moving and healthy motivated her to adapt poses from the mat to the chair. Chair yoga was born.  

Working with health professionals, Paula has developed several chair yoga programmes for people with brain injuries, rheumatism, arthritis, muscle diseases, dementia and other challenges. With www.stoelyoga-nederland.nl she has trained over 1,800 chair yoga teachers in the Netherlands and helped thousands of people experience the benefit of yoga. 

She shares her knowledge in training programmes and workshops. With her books, online course and classes she wants to bring chair yoga to the world.

Paula Jap Tjong, co-director of Chair Yoga World

Annelies Bakker

Annelies Bakker, co-director of Chair Yoga World

Annelies started practicing yoga to find a remedy for her work-life unbalance. Spending 40 hours per week seated behind a desk as many of us do, she experienced tension in both her body and mind. Pain and insomnia urged her to change. 

In 2015 Annelies started a four-year teacher training course in Berlin where she was living at the time. Her body and mind released all the pent-up tension so she could sleep and live a pain-free life again. 

Annelies specialises in TriYoga and chair yoga. Her goal is to help make yoga accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere. She also runs a beach yoga platform: StrandhuisjesYoga.

How we met

You know that feeling when you meet someone and you instantly feel a real connection? That’s what happened when Annelies and Paula crossed paths. Annelies was a board member of the Dutch Association for Yoga Teachers when Paula got in touch. She wanted to share and collaborate, being the great connector that she is. 

By the end of their first call Paula had invited Annelies to co-host a video on the Dutch Chair Yoga YouTube channel. When they met in person the sparks flew. They recorded the video and got lost in talking about yoga, entrepreneurship, and life. It was wonderful. Two weeks later Annelies got another call from Paula. This time it would lead to the international Chair Yoga platform that now exists. The rest is history.

Chair Yoga World Blog by Annelies Bakker & Paula Jap Tjong

Why Chair Yoga?

  • Relaxing through activity and movement
  • Starting from scratch and building up strength
  • A short, refreshing break at school, work or during long meetings
  • Practicing in the comfort of your own environment

Who is it for?

  • Anyone with limiting health issues, unable to do what they once loved
  • Anyone recovering from injuries or experiencing physical challenges
  • The geriatric community, to improve strength and wellbeing
  • Anyone with stress or anxiety that want to make a change
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