6 types of gemstones you can use during Yoga. 

Gemstones and crystals have certain energies and powers that you can use during yoga. For example, you have stones out there that have healing powers or make you more open to love. I myself have a bowl of various gemstones. Every now and then I treat myself to buying a new stone. I find it a gift to pick them out. Take some time for this. Put it in your hand and feel for a moment what the stone does to you before you buy it. You can hold a stone in your hands during meditation. Or lay on yourself in savasana. We have listed six of them.

  1. Rose Quartz

This gemstone is also called the stone of love. This is because rose quartz opens the heart chakra to all forms of love. Let this stone affect you and focus on self-love or love for the world during your meditation. Love motivates you to do beautiful things for yourself, as well as for those around you. This stone is the excellent choice for heart opening back bends and meditations.

  1. Crystal Quartz

Crystal quartz is a common crystal that promotes clarity of mind, spiritual growth and inner strength. In addition, crystal quartz also enhances the energy and intention of other crystals and stones. This crystal is mainly used during deep meditation.

  1. Ocean jasper

Ocean jasper allows your body to regain balance. This gemstone drains all negative energy faster so that there is room for new energy. Use ocean jasper especially as support when you feel out of balance.

  1. Tiger’s Eye

This crystal is known for grounding and great healing powers. In addition, tiger eye also gives strength, confidence, concentration and courage for during your yoga practice. If you need a helping hand, use tiger’s eye.



  1. Selenite

This gemstone belongs to the angelic stones and is one of the most spiritual stones out there. Selenite has a calming and insightful effect. It makes it easier to get in touch with angels and spirits around you. During yoga, this spiritual stone has a deepening effect on your exercises.

  1. Amathist

Amathist represents peace, stability, clarity, patience and inner strength. This sacred crystal helps clear the mind of negative thoughts. By meditating with the amathist, the crystal will promote light, intuition and inner peace.


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