5 reasons why older people should take up yoga

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Yoga is a great way for the elderly to safely improve their physical and mental condition. Starting yoga later in life may seem like a big task, but it is not at all. You can take yoga classes at any age and at any level, even in a chair. But it is important that you find a yoga class that suits your level and needs. The many advantages of yoga for the elderly outweigh any excuse not to do it! That’s why we have listed five advantages of yoga for the elderly.

1. Yoga improves your balance and stability

An ugly fall later in life can have major consequences. For example, many elderly people break their hips. That is why it is important for the elderly to maintain good balance. Many yoga postures focus on this and at the same time strengthen the muscles that contribute to better stability. Yoga not only helps the elderly to prevent falls in the first place, it also helps them to get up and recover from a potential fall if one does occur.

2. Yoga makes you more flexible

The body’s flexibility decreases with age. This can lead to physical limitations, complaints, and accidents. Stretching, and particularly stretching during yoga, makes you more flexible and increases your range of motion. This leads to you being (literally) firmer in your shoes and feeling more confident in everyday life.

3. Yoga generates stronger bones and muscles

Exercise is essential for maintaining strong bones and muscles. However, with yoga you don’t need to use weights to stay or become strong. This makes yoga very suitable for elderly people with osteoporosis (weak bones) and for elderly people who want to prevent osteoporosis.

4. Yoga keeps your brain sharp

The body and the mind are inextricably linked. During yoga, you pay attention to your breathing and listen to your body. Because of this, you feel that you are in greater contact with yourself, your surroundings, and the world around you. This meditative process has positive effects on the brain; allowing you to think clearly and reduce any worries you may have. The benefits of this are especially significant in older people with dementia.

5. Yoga makes you happier

Yoga contributes in several ways to a happier life. Moving and conscious breathing help you to let go of negative emotions. In this way, the body calms down and meditation breaks through fearful thought patterns. In addition, attending yoga classes is also a weekly or daily outing. This undoubtedly results in enjoyable social contact!

Paula Jap Tjong & Annelies Bakker
Paula Jap Tjong & Annelies Bakker

We are two Dutch yogis on a mission: bringing people together in the spirit of yoga. We create online Chair Yoga classes and a teacher training certification program accessible anywhere in the world.

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