One-minute yoga

One-minute yoga, does that really work? We believe that every little bit counts. It just takes 1 minute to feel a calmer, more centered YOU. Find out for yourself.

Sit at the front of your seat. Twist your upper body to the left. Place your right hand on your left knee and your left arm on the backrest of your chair. Inhale, rotate further into the twist. Keep your back long and hold this posture for five full breaths. Exhale, twist back to centre. Repeat the exercise on the other side.


increases flexibility of the spine, activate important nerve centres.

Using a timer

When we work at the office, we set our timer to one hour. When it goes off, we do a one-minute pose at our desk. With full attention and deep and slow breathing. We encourage each other and use our lunch breaks to go outside for a walk. No matter the wether, you can dress for it. 😉 

More time?

When you have more time to practice. Try one of our free video classes on our Chair Yoga World YouTube channel.

Are you curious about what postures you can do on and with the chair? Then treat yourself to the online book: Chair Yoga with Paula! Here you will find more than 100 poses and sequences. 

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