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What is Chair Yoga?

Conventional yoga on a mat is not feasible for many. Chair yoga changes that dynamic and includes everyone. Chair yoga is a range of exercise and relaxation programmes to keep you active and energised, no matter what your fitness level. Designed to help you tune into your body and calm your mind, it is the perfect way to stay physically and mentally fit. 

Learn all the many poses you can do using a chair, both seated and standing. Anytime, anywhere, any chair.

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Do you want to learn how to teach Chair Yoga?

With our Chair Yoga Teacher Training you’ll learn how to teach Chair Yoga and receive a certificate after completion. Learn online and in your own pace for only 167 EUR (lifetime access). 

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Chair Yoga World: who we are

Welcome! We are Annelies and Paula, two Dutch yogis on a mission to bring people together in the spirit of yoga. We facilitate all kinds of exercises and relaxation programmes that are inclusive and accessible to anyone. Join our online yoga classes to improve your wellbeing and elevate your yoga skills or take your teaching offer to a broader audience with our books and chair yoga teacher training and help us to get everyone into chair yoga.