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What is Chair Yoga?

Chair Yoga is for EVERYONE. Chair Yoga helps you to tune into your body, calm your mind and learn different postures. There are so many things you can do using a chair, both sitting and standing. You can literally do these exercises Any Time, Any Place, Any Chair. As a short refreshment break from school or work; or as a complete exercise and relaxation programme for anyone who, for whatever reason, does not want to or cannot participate on the yoga mat.

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International chairyoga day

International Chair Yoga Day - 6 November 2021

Chair Yoga Inspiration & Wisdom

The Silence of Savasana

The Silence of Savasana

Yoga is about the balance between body and mind. Therefore it’s important to end your …

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1 minute Chair Yoga for a calmer YOU
Yoga benefits

1 minute chair yoga

One-minute yoga, does that really work? We believe that every little bit counts. It just takes 1 minute to feel a calmer, more centered YOU. Find out for yourself.

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Ouderen yoga stoelyoga
Yoga for elderly

5 reasons why older people should take up yoga

Yoga is a great way for the elderly to safely improve their physical and mental …

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Annelies Bakker and Paula Jap Tjong from Chair Yoga World

Chair Yoga World: who we are

We are Annelies and Paula, two Dutch yogi’s on a mission: bringing people together in the spirit of yoga. We offer online yoga classes for all ages and abilities. Yoga classes that make you feel positive, calm, grounded and present. You can practice at your desk, in a wheelchair or any other seat. You can share our videos with others, even your loved ones who prefer to join you on a yoga mat. With our books and teacher trainings we aim to inspire  other yogis to spread chair yoga around the world.